Fortem Training Competitive CrossFit Athlete Programming
Fortem Training Competitive CrossFit Athlete Coaching Programme

Competitive Athlete Programme

  • Unlock your potential as a competitive athlete
  • Programme delivery and full progress tracking through FitBot
  • Video analysis and full feedback of your lifts
  • Weekly athlete check-ins and daily support from your coach
  • £40/Month

Our Competitive Athlete Programme is designed for those athlete's that want to gain that competitive edge whilst competing throughout the year.

The structure of our Competitive Athlete Programme sees athletes with 60-90 minute sessions per day, with the occasional 120 minutes+ training days, split over 2 training sessions.

With delivery, contact and progress tracking all through the FitBot App, we're committed to ensuring that you become the best athlete that you can be and truly afford yourself the opportunity to get yourself onto the competition podium, by monitoring your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We're building a community of competitive athletes on our programme that push each other to be the best athlete that they can be. We want you to be part of the community and become powered by Fortem.

Hit the sign up button below then fill in the information and our head coach Kieran will be in touch to begin unlocking your competitive potential as an athlete.

Who Is This For?

Our Competitive Athlete Programme is designed for athlete's looking to compete at various competitions throughout the year.

This programme is designed for athlete's that are able to allocate 60-90 minutes per day to their training. With occasional 120 minute plus training days, sometimes split across 2 sessions.

It is recommended that athlete's are able to "RX" 95% of benchmark workouts and are able to perform most movements. Although, we do also include scaled options for heavier/more complex movements, allowing for the same stimulus to be attained in the given piece.

Whether you are an athlete wanting more from your training or and athlete wanting to step up their competitive game, our Competitive Athlete Programme is for you.

Full Progress Tracking

With full, in depth progress tracking through FitBot, our Competitive Athlete Programme is designed to bring you true progress, and help you be more competitive on the competition floor.

Along with FitBot progress tracking are weekly athlete check-ins with our coaches via video call and/or message, for us to check that everything is moving smoothly in your training, and to get feedback from you directly, then making any necessary adjustments.

As well as weekly check-ins with your coach, you also have the opportunity to get in touch with your coach at any time via the FitBot App.

Your FitBot account will be created upon sign-up to the Competitive Athlete Programme.

Fortem Training Competitive CrossFit Athlete Programme

What to Expect

Our competitive athlete programme follows a general programming structure which will see you training for 60-90 minutes per day, with active recovery training days and the occasional 120 minutes+ training day split over 2 sessions.

A typical session will include:

- Specific Warm up

- Strength/Skill Component

- Assistance/Accessory Movements

- Metcon

A typical training week will generally be:

 - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

- Thursday rest/active recovery

- Friday & Saturday

- Sunday rest.


Fill in the information below and our head coach Kieran, will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule your free athlete consultation and get you on your way to unlocking your true competitive potential as an athlete.

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