Meet the Team

Kieran Douglas Jones, founder and owner of Fortem - Mens and womens crossfit clothing, apparel and accessories, box lifestyle brand

Kieran Douglas Jones

  • Owner & Founder

Fortem was founded in May of 2016, by myself and quickly turned from being just a dream, to becoming something tangible. A real brand.

But I didn't just want to create clothing. I wanted something more than a name on a T-Shirt. I wanted to create a community. A community of CrossFitters. A community of people that turn up to the box every single night, to push themselves to become better, and to drive themselves to achieve more in each and every WOD.

More recently, that drive to engage with the community has lead me to the stage of competition. Where, in 2018, I hope to delve deeper into the CrossFit community at large.


Chris Bonwell. Co-Owner of Fortem Training

Chris Bonwell

  • Co-Owner

Chris stumbled on Crossfit just over three years ago on YouTube when he saw the Mens Final of the Crossfit Games in 2013.

it has become a huge passion of his and Fortem Training has been the perfect way to express that passion.

Joining the company after it was founded, Chris has brought energy, creativity and a drive that has taken Fortem Training from strength to strength. And together, we can't wait for the years to come!